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So off you go, Pug…

Originally posted on Meanwhile, back at the ranch…:
Some of you have asked what has become of the pug, noticing his absence from the spotlight on these pages. The truth is, I have been wondering the same thing for a…

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Science Class at Parma Middle School – A First Week

New school year with 90 new 5th grade faces, 80 familiar 6th graders and 20 “grown-up” 7th graders! My job this past week was to reach out to each of these students and try to let them know they are … Continue reading

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Geo-Education…It Can Start from Anywhere

Originally posted on Nat Geo Education Blog:
Maddie was a student who “got it done” in my 8th grade math class. Clearly she would ace the final test, so why give it to her? Instead I proposed a project analyzing…

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Assessments: The Collateral Damage of SBG

Originally posted on Mathy McMatherson:
Fair Warning: This post took a month to write. It’s long. It’s involved. It’s also a meditation on my entire year trying to implement a Standards-Based Grading (SBG) system and what that even means. But first,…

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